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Price matching is a request that comes up from time to time. In a service based industry this can be a very tricky issue.

In order to price match something you must first compare the service or product “apples to apples”. When comparing an actual product from a store that has a brand and model, it is much easier to compare “apples to apples”. On the other hand, when comparing a service (like a fence for example) there are numerous variables to consider. These variables include the quality and design of fence, quality of materials, type of material, skill of labor/experience, etc. Each of these variables also has a cost associated with it. You get the idea.

I believe in constructing a good quality, long lasting, attractive fence…no shortcuts. Unfortunately, many other fence companies don’t feel the same. Like anything else in life you usually pay for what you get. When comparing quotes, make sure to look at every detail, from the type of nails being used to how the concrete is being mixed. People who know me hear me say this often…”To be successful you must provide exceptional customer service, a quality product, at a good value”.

There is only a hand full of true competitors that I feel offer a similar quality fence with the same standards as Cedar Creek Fences, compared to how many others out there that build subpar, “Short Cut Fences”. You might be surprised to know that the margin between an average “short cut fence” and a quality Cedar Creek Fence is $200-$500. This isn’t much when you consider the fact that a new, properly constructed cedar fence can last 20-25 years.

I will always compare quotes for any customer to ensure Cedar Creek is offering the best overall value and make adjustment where appropriate. I know most fence companies and their construction techniques. I know which ones build a quality fence and which ones cut corners. I encourage everyone to get at least 3 quotes before deciding.

All I ask is that you give me an opportunity and I am sure you will find Cedar Creek Fences to be the best overall value.

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