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One Level Ground Board

This method contours existing ground and grade. Raises pickets 3”-4” to reduce rot damage and also helps keep grass trimming from damaging bottom of pickets
Leveling Options 1
Leveling Options 2


Ground boards are positioned and leveled allowing pickets to maintain a consistent height across the top of fence giving a clean, appealing look.


Stepping is often used when the grade is so extreme that typical leveling won’t work. Ground boards are positioned in a stepping formation giving the fence a stepped look.
Leveling Options 3
Leveling Options 4

Wood Retaining Wall

Wood Retaining Walls are constructed with pressure treated lumber and are used to raise, or bring a fence line above a sloping landscape.

Stone Retaining wall

Same purpose as a wood retaining wall except constructed with a stone material. Stone Retaining Walls add style and substance to a home, not to mention increased home value
Leveling Options 5
Leveling Options 6

concrete retaining wall

Same purpose as wood retaining walls except constructed with concrete. Concrete Retaining Walls are simple but effective. Not always the most attractive, but they bring a certain style.