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Open Top

Open top design…simple but it does the job. Used on any fence design or style. Can also be built with a straight top cut or arched.
Gate Designs 1
Gate Designs 2


Headers are basically an overhead archway over entrance through gate. Headers can be constructed in numerous designs and styles.


Gate and/or header can be constructed using an arched design. Gives fences a little extra style.
Gate Designs 3
Gate Designs 4


Incorporate an electric gate to almost any fence design. Add more backyard space, home value or simply want the added convenience. We can design an electric gate to fit your needs


Accent your fence and landscape with fence inserts. Inserts come in a wide variety of sizes, materials and designs. Fence inserts add a certain style and personalize your landscaping.
Gate Designs 5
Gate Designs 6


Double Gates can be constructed in many sizes and shapes to incorporate whatever need you may have. From parking a car, boat, trailer or whatever, we can design a double gate to accommodate almost anything.