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Components & Specs

Cedar Creek stands behind the “No Nickel and Diming” approach. We believe that to build the best you must use the best products and materials. Cedar Creek uses the best materials while maintaining a fair price. It’s all about value.

• Only the strongest metal post will do…2-3/8” galvanized.095 gauge steel posts
• Posts set in 36” deep holes
• Posts spaced approximately 6’ apart
• Concrete is always pre-mixed before set in hole, no dry-mixing.
• WAPO brackets with 1.5” lag screws
• Wood posts available, but not recommended.


• All Cedar Creek fences are built using #1 pickets. “Clear” is also available by request and may involve an additional expense.**
• Cedar fences built with 1”x6” pickets. Spruce/Pine fences built with 1”x6” or 1”x4” depending on fence style.
• Unless product is unavailable, Cedar Creek uses one supplier for all lumber products. This ensures the most consistent quality possible. **The number and the term “clear” represent the quality of the wood and the amount of knots or flaws. “Clear is the best with the fewest, if any, flaws or knots. #1 is the best overall value, with very few flaws and knots. #2 pickets are the lowest quality, with the most flaws and knots, and also the least expensive.


• 1-7/8” ring shank galvanized nails. Galvanized nails will NEVER cause rust or black oxidation stains that run down the pickets.
• Six nails on 6’ fences are used to maximize strength of pickets and overall fence.
• Eight nails on 8’ fences are used to maximize strength of pickets and overall fence.


• Cedar fences built using true 2”x4” rough cut cedar rails. Rough cut cedar rails will stain the same as the rest of the fence giving a consistent look. We don't use pine or pressure treated like many companies do.
• Spruce/Pine fences built using 2” x 4” or 2" x 3" spruce/pine rails.


• Gates are double posted for extra strength and stability.
• Standard width is 42”. Gates can be constructed larger by request.
• Double gates, drive way gates, and electric gates/fences also available.
• X-design construction…gives gate additional strength and stability. Gates over 42” constructed with a metal frame.
• 6’ fences have 3 hinges on gate.
• 8’ fences have 4 hinges on gate and header over gate for added strength on most fences


• All Cedar Creek fences include a trim option depending on the style of fence.
• Several decorative trim options to choose from

Top Cap

• Choose between a 2”x6” and 2”x8” board to add a nice finished look and also adds additional strength to fence.

Ground Board

• 2”x6” pressure treated board
• Pickets raised 3”-4” off the ground to help prevent rot and damage to bottom of pickets.
• Also provides an extra 3-4" to overall height.


•Half a dozen stain color choices
•Post stain and prestain available

Permits & Utilities

• All necessary city permits will be obtained by Cedar Creek Fences
• Cedar Creek will have underground gas, electric and cable lines marked according to state laws by a third party survey company.

Life Expectancy

• Cedar fences with metal posts can very easily last 20+ years with proper maintenance. Cedar Creek Fences provides a 10-year warranty to back it up. (On most designs)