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Cedar has a natural beauty and will last for decades when properly finished. Cedar has a natural resistance to moisture, decay, heat, and cold environments. It has a high resistance to warping, bowing and shrinking. Cedar is toxic to insects and termites.
Fence Styles 1
Fence Styles 2

Board On Board

One of our premier lines and specialty. Board on board is a process of overlapping 6” pickets to ensure a beautifully appealing look and optimum privacy. Boards overlap approximately 1” on each side of the pickets and allow no gapping from shrinking pickets.


Side by Side is for those who want a beautiful but economical fence. Unfortunately wood shrinks and Side by Side fences tend to leave cracks between pickets thus reducing privacy and appeal. Several trim choices can be used to accent the overall look of the fence.
Fence Styles 3
Fence Styles 4

Horizontal Design

Horizontal fences enhance the look of any home giving a beautiful contemporary feel

Split Rail

Split rail fences are an economical style for larger properties and give a more open feel. Meshing can be added to contain dogs.
Fence Styles 5
Fence Styles 6

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fences come in numerous styles and heights that will enhance any property while increasing the view.