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Beautify and protect you investment.  Choose a stain / sealing option, and follow the recommended maintenance to ensure years of use and enjoyment.

Cedar Creek Fences offers two methods of staining:

1) Staining after fence is constructed…

The first option of constructing fence and then staining or sealing wood after has several benefits. This gives the wood a chance to completely dry ensuring the best overall application of stain and longevity. It is recommended to wait approximately 4 weeks after constructions before applying stain or sealers. This is the best option to get the longest life of stain, saving money, and provide the best consistent look over time.

2) Pre-stained…

Pre-staining is great for the home owner who needs a quick turnaround and would prefer not waiting on wood dry time. Pre-staining will typically not last as long (1/2 the time). It will start showing signs of inconsistencies in color between boards within 1 year.

Choose from 5 colors: GOLD, CEDAR, DARK, REDWOOD AND WALNUT.

To maintain the beauty and quality of your fence, we recommend a cleaning and re-coat of stain every 3 to 4 years.

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